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The new bernina embroidery software includes a whole range of new features and 3D effects for unique surface embellishments. The new colour photostitch function turns yur favourite picture into embroidered eternity.

Colour PhotoStitch
COmbine two creative passions: photography and embroidery. Take a picture and turn it into an incredible embroidery design! With automatic digitizing your picture is transferred into an easy-to-stitch-out embroidery design - with one click.

3D Globe Effect
Create an incredible pherical look with the 3D Globe Effect. Turn your flat embroidery into a 3D design only by visual illusion.

Create special embroidered effects with yarns, cords, wool etc. in combination with classic stitching. These sculptured threads stand out on your design for stunning effects textures.

Integrated Design Library
Load all your embroidery designs into the library with a click of a button. Improved and more powerful search engine. Quicker access to all designs and enhanced design management. Easy to browse, group and search for embroidery designs.

Advanced Cutwork: Applique included
Advanced CutWork function for eyelet embroidery and applique Gives your cut-outs outstanding results.

Use hoop template and basting stitch markers for exact positioning. Set the design worksheet and add the template to your preview. Move and rotate the design within the hoop for a perfect embroidery placement. Use the advanced print preview options.

Other features include:
Colour Management
User-Friendly Interface
Automated Quilt Block Layout
And many more!

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